30 Day Eviction Notice


Can you imagine if we could record every thought we had during the day, and we could rewind it and listen to parts of it before we went to bed at night?

What would your mental chatter be babbling about inside your head? Rewinding the recorder, would you be bragging about all the incredibly genius things you did that day, or would you be insulting every move you made? 

Unfortunately, most people I work with barrage themselves with constant insults, and then it spills over into the criticisms of others. Sadly, 90 percent of the individuals I know are immersed in self-criticism and are unceasingly marinating in constant negativity.

Did you know 80-to- 90 percent of the thoughts you had yesterday are the same ones you have today, according to Dr. Joe Dispenza?

How can we break that pattern of swimming in those same negative unconscious waters over and over again. The first step is awareness of the habits of thought. The second step is to replace those thoughts with thoughts that would serve you. 

How about a 30 day challenge of consciously evicting negative thoughts out of your head. 

Instead, choose to have a running discourse about how well your life is going. Deliberately celebrate how magical your life is. Acknowledge how blessed you are, and find things to commend yourself for. Glorify your greatness. Find jubilation in the little things. Revel in your uniqueness. Observe your strength. Proclaim your resilience. 

You are excellent.

So for 30 days you will rewind that daily recording in the evening and it will be a running discourse of how much you love the smell of the flowers, her dress, his smile, the way the sun hits the water, the tasty meal, and on and on your mental chatter goes finding things to admire, appreciate, and approve of. 

Congratulations, with your conscious awareness, your mental chatter is becoming a new 80-90 percent from this day forward. Marvel in your transformation. Yes, you did it!

Namaste. Thanks for reading and if you like it please share.

Melissa Heller2015