I Refuse To Apologize


My smile is like salt on your wound. The bubbliness my personality makes you queasy and nauseous, but I refuse to apologize for my effusive ways.

I have sought far and wide for solutions, refusing to bathe in the pains of my youth. Seeking answers to a better way of living through prayers, affirmations, books, and gurus has been an arduous but fulfilling path. 

You ask me to dive into my shadow side. You say that I have denied the darkness and you are lonely in the shadows by yourself. It is true that misery loves company, but I refuse to spend more hours, days, or even years there. I have done my time and there were lessons learned. 

Joy is now my teacher. 

I refuse to apologize for my  authentic smile. I earned it. I worked hard for it. I know it hurts to watch, but I am happy to share with you how I got from miserable to content. 

I found teachers that resonated with me, and I am grateful to share with you the garden tools I have discovered to turn my personal manure into a soil that created a fragrant and vibrant garden called my life.

Let my smile become contagious, rather then emanate disdain from the depth of your soul. Get out of your darkness and shadow, by turning on the light. It is really that simple. You too have a light within you. We all came with a pilot light. You just need to reignite it. It just got blown out from downtrodden circumstances and situations. No need to fret. Light it and feel the lightness of your being once again.

I refuse to apologize for my light. No need to apologize for your darkness.

ps. for more information on how to live in the light read more blogs at www.susanfoxley.com. Namaste.

Melissa Heller2016