Got God?


 “Fear is Trusting In Your Own Power”
                                                         -Marianne Williamson

Would you like to tap into infinite knowledge, unlimited power, and a sense of feeling eternal? Well, these attributes are described in Wikipedia as the definition for God.

In the twelve step movement, many religions, atheists, and agnostics unite, and they suggest members find a personal definition of a God of his or her understanding. 

It is believed that if you have God of your own understanding, your world will change. The world will go from black and white to color. Everything will taste a little different, like a unique spice that has been added to your very existence. A sense of ease and joy will replace your addictions and obsessions to outside stimuli that distract you from your connection with both your Source and your Soul. 

How could this happen by letting God, Source, Higher Power, Love, or whatever you choose to call it into your life? How do you plug into infinite knowledge and unlimited power. “Get your foot off the hose” says Ester Hicks. What blocks us is fear, judgement, or any negative thought? Those bad feelings literally pinch us off from the infinite good that exists all around us at all times.

When we are trusting in our own power we are Edging God Out (EGO). If we tap into  infinite possibilities we can become a conduit and a channel. We are using a bigger better connection. It’s like using a satellite dish as opposed to your old antenna for reception. 

Tap into the infinite, the unlimited, and the omnipresence of your being by believing in the energy that keeps the sun coming up every morning, and the moon coming out every night. Tune into the energy that grows your nails and hair in your sleep, and keeps your heart beating without you asking. Drop into the same essence that opens the petals of a rose, or keeps the planets turning, and the waves crashing. We are infinitely bigger than our constant mental chatter, our financial state, or even our diagnoses. Rise above it all and make sure you’ve got God!

Melissa Heller2015