Float Above The Fray


Pouring down rain with no umbrella, sleep deprivation, getting on the wrong train, and being charged 6 times what the dinner costs at most restaurants was another opportunity to float above the fray.

The above challenges are called "quality problems". 

I'm fortunate enough to get to travel to a foreign country.

 I currently have money in the bank, a home, and a job to go back to after traveling. So, my inconvenience of being drenched, jet-lagged, and taken advantage of is an opportunity to smile, laugh, and look at the big picture.

Everyday, there are difficulties whether we are traveling or not. 

If you are stuck in traffic, I bet you are lucky enough to have a radio and an air conditioner in your car. Dance while sitting there in bumper to bumper traffic. If you are drenched in the downpour, laugh and sing under the raindrops and pretend you are a kid again. It's all perception and perspective.

Choose to refuse to let outside circumstances bring you down. Don’t get mired in the minutiae. Let these powerless situations help catapult you into building a more resilient, easy going, and a c'est la vie attitude when the going gets rough. It will not only be fabulous for your soul, but also for your fellow travelers. 

Happy trails!

Melissa Heller2015