A Riddle Into Becoming


When I heard this quote from the intuitive healer Hans King I had to blog about it, because I thought the quote was brilliant. He said “Become the most important person you’ve ever met”. 

First of all, have you met yourself? Do you know who you are? Have you dropped in or dropped out of your own soul? Let’s not confuse your skin with your soul, otherwise we will only magnify the epidemic of narcissism, and skin is an organ, and we are discussing something more than skin deep.

Until I discovered the path of yoga and other spiritual modalities, my vision was outwardly confused, as opposed to inwardly focused. My attention was on pleasing others, trying to fit into a world that didn’t have my size, and quite frankly I was absent from my interior world. So for me to become the most important person I ever met, a connection to myself had to exist before becoming important. Meditation, yoga, and an examined life helped me tremendously to literally embody my being-ness.

What are the qualities in others that you feel are important, is an essential question to ask yourself in order to answer this riddle? For me it’s warmth, kindness, compassion, authenticity, flexibility, all infused with love.

After you answer this question of what qualities you feel are essential in women and men you admire, then you have to “become what you seek” in order to transform into the most magnificent human. You now have the endgame for becoming the most important person you have ever met. Do not seek those qualities outside yourself, become them! 

If you like this blog, feel free to share it with others. Also, remeber to "become the most important person you have ever met". Namaste.

Melissa Heller2015