The World's Worst Movie


Have you ever walked out of a movie because it was so bad? Maybe you felt it might give you nightmares or it made you really upset, or it was just so awful it wasn’t worth your time? You wouldn’t go back and watch it again, would you? Probably not.

So why do we do constantly replay awful memories from our childhood, or painful relationships, or traumatic events from our past? We just keep bringing them up over and over again like a bad habit, like smoking. Why do we rehearse them over and over again in our minds, or our speech, those awful events from our past?  If you don’t want to live through those same old movies again, all you need to do is be conscious of when they start playing in your head. Then it’s just a matter of pressing the pause or stop button and putting a new film in your projector. It’s the act of awareness and then a choice to substitute one memory with a better one, or just be in the moment and focus on a better future.

Another wonderful visualization is imagining yourself walking out of that bad movie and walking right into a different one. It’s your choice, your movie, and ultimately your life.

Remember. You have the remote. You make the choices. You can always change your mental channel or change your mental page. Then your physical world will mirror your mental world when practiced enough. 

Every thought is a prayer to the universe. And your universe is created by your thoughts.

 As we move away from the addiction of rehearsing all the wrongs done “to us” and begin to take full responsibility for what we think and feel without playing the victim card, we begin to create more positive experiences. We start building fuller, happier lives.

Good mental movies create great thoughts, emotions, behaviors and results. So the next time that old movie starts playing in your head, turn it off and replace it with a new reel. And while you’re at it, give your new movie a new title.

How about, “It’s A Wonderful Life”.

Namaste. Please share if you like. 

Melissa Heller