The Sandwich Method


Ever hear of “The Sandwich Method"? It can transform relationships and help you and everyone you know who is struggling with a family member, friend or even a client.

The sandwich method is easy. Two slices of bread with something in the middle. In this case, the first slice is a positive compliment before the meat of the matter, followed by another compliment. 

Here’s some examples:

“I really love you as a valued client, but it would mean so much to me if you could be here promptly at 10:00. Thanks so much for honoring our time together and I really enjoy working with you.” 

“Thank you for always helping around the house. Can you please turn off that video game in a few minutes and take out the garbage? Thanks Honey. I’m lucky to have such a helpful son.” 

“I love going out with you and you’re such a good friend, but I'm really run down tonight and I just want to stay home and chill tonight. Thanks for understanding. I love you.”

These are three examples of how I talk to those I love or work with so they don't feel offended. Going right to the meat of the matter can make people go into attack mode. The sandwich method softens the blow.

Mean what you say, and say what you mean, just don't say it mean. The sandwich method.

Try it. It works. Most everyone likes a good sandwich.


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Melissa Heller