Put Out Your Mental Cigarette


Can illness be simplified as just a bad habit? If that is true then how can we put out our life size cigarette (us)and light something else? According to Dr. Joe Dispenza we just need to stop the habit of being ourselves and create a new self.

After Dr. Dispenza went around the world studying people that have had spontaneous remission of their illnesses, these are the four things he found these individuals had in common: 

  1. These patients believed in something bigger. Some examples could be; Creator, Higher Power, God, Universe, Allah, Buddha, Jesus or even Source. Dr. Dispenza calls it, “Riding On The Back of a Giant”.
  2. The individuals believed their thoughts and reactions created their illnesses and they took full responsibility for what had manifested, without blame. The premise was redundant negative thoughts and emotions equaled the malady.
  3. Moving away from the negative habit of thoughts and feelings, they began to rewire the brain by asking questions like, “What would it be like to be happy? What would it be like to be in joy?” These questions created a new highway or landscape to stop the predictable negative patterning. It opened up potential for a new positive endgame.
  4. The last step was spending time in meditation to get beyond time and space, in order to turn down the volume of the internal and external environments. This step gets one beyond the ego and ultimately teaches detachment and also connects back to step one.

By using these four steps to create healing it helps someone move from the state of survival to a state of creating a new future. By mentally rehearsing over and over again the new state of being, this will enable the individual to cement into the consciousness a new way of being. 

Now that you know you have the power to heal yourself with conscious effort to pave a new mental highway, get on your couch and put out that old predictable mental habit in the ashtray! Practice lighting up a new reality of what you want to show up in your life. But remember to take full ownership of how you have gotten to where you are, without blame. With your Creator’s help you can now co-create a better habit of being your new phenomenal self. Your new habit just takes practice with a daily dose of your mental rehearsal of your infinite potential.

Melissa Heller