Rush & Destruct


When bamboo is planted, it can take up to five years to break through the soil, but then it can grow up to 3 feet in just 24 hours.

It also takes weeks for a young chick to develop and finally break through the shell on it’s own, now ready for life. Thus, if a hen tried to rush the process, the fledgling chick might not survive. And so it is with you. You will destroy the precious chick if you tamper with the shell in your impatience to rush the process. You have to give life time to hatch.

Roses take six weeks to grow from bud to bloom, but all the conditions of sun, soil, water and temperature must be right for the brightest and most aromatic blossoms. We cannot force open the bud without destroying the bloom. The rose cannot be rushed. It must unfold on it’s own time, not ours.

Life is not instant coffee. It’s not a drive-thru where we ask for something and it magically appears. Life and quality take time. So when we pray, why do we expect our answers or hopes to show up with the snap of a finger?

One of the most powerful tools in manifesting the life of your dreams is patience. Impatience can damage whatever it is you’re hoping for. When you rush into anything it usually has desperation or panic attached to it. As we all know; positive thoughts breed positive outcomes. When planting your intentions, fill your mind with faith, not fear and watch your manifestations blossom, hatch, sprout naturally. Just let it happen.

When you plant a watermelon, does a cantaloupe grow in its place? So how can fear or doubt ever lead to the change and miracles we seek? Every thought is a seed you plant into your consciousness and what shows up will match the thoughts you ruminate on all day long.

Good gardeners don’t rush the process. Neither should you. Plant your seeds, give them time to grow and reap your newfound harvest.

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Melissa Heller