Become A Sage Today


How come there are only a few enlightened beings on the planet, and there are many who are not?  How come these enlightened individuals get to live in a chronic state of equanimity, while most feel trapped and immersed in negative thinking. The reason being, is that they have practiced living in higher state of consciousness, and refuse to dip down into lower frequencies of fear, hate, or any other lower vibrating thoughts and feelings. They have mastered staying in an elevated state, and the good news is, you can too!

Yes, it is possible to become like The Dalai Lama, Buddha, or even Jesus. It may take more work on our part because of the software coming into planet earth did not include ISaGE or IAnGEL. Depending on our various downloads that we inherited from our parents and ancestors, we may have to work harder to maintain alignment then the average Joe, but it is attainable.

Here are some tips to mastering and maintaining alignment on a daily basis:

1. Watch your thoughts. When a negative thought appears, erase it and immediately replace it with a higher thought.

2. When you feel yourself getting agitated or irritable, pause, and do something different to feed your soul, so you don't act out in a negative way. Maybe take a walk around the block, get a bite to eat, call a friend, or do some breathing exercises. In other words, try to do something (anything) to lift your mood. Remember that negativity breeds negativity, and positivity breeds positivity.

3. Do any kind of service work where you are getting out of yourself and giving love. It could be volunteering at the Big Brother or Big Sister Foundation, feeding the homeless, or as simple as giving a hand to a neighbor in need. Getting out of our heads and seeing that everyone ( I don't care who you are) has challenges. Being of service to others helps us realize that we are not terminally unique, and that we all can help contribute to the well-being of the planet.

4. Constantly master a feeling of gratitude at all times. Wake up every morning and rehearse all that you are appreciative of, before you put that cup of coffee to your lips. In the evening, before you close your eyes at night, do the same thing! Gratitude is never overrated.

I'm going to tell you a secret for mastering my own alignment on a daily basis. My daily medicine is practicing all the steps listed above, as well as a daily nap around 2 or 3:00, otherwise I get grumpy. The sleep reboots my mind when I work late into the night. Another decadent evening ritual is a bubble bath every night (for the last 20 years). The last essential is lots of excersize everyday no matter what. 

Get busy practicing and maintaining habits of those like the great sages and saints. As you master these techniques that prevent you from dipping down into negative emotion, your life will change and you will witness the wonder of the world, rather than react to the minutiae.

Melissa Heller2015