No More Hell On Earth


Ever experience personal hell here on earth? What about feeling that everything you touch turns to crap? Ever thought to yourself, “could this get any more disastrous”?

I have great news for you. Now that you know what you don’t want to experience, you can start focusing on what you do want. In other words, now that you know the problem, let’s get into the solution.

One of my favorite teachers, Esther Hicks, explains that hell on earth is confusion and that heaven on earth is clarity. She communicates that “sifting and sorting” through various choices, and getting clear about what we do want, while using vivid detail, is essential for manifesting. If what shows up is not what you want, be vague about describing your reality to others, and be descriptive about your clear and future intentions.

What if you are ambiguous about what you want in your life, but don’t like what is showing up. Instead of using detail of the wishful physical manifestations, let your feelings guide you. Talk, write, and visualize the actual emotions you want to intend in your daily life. Affirm that you are feeling them in the present moment. 

Personally, one of my struggles, in the past, has been not being able to make decisions. I can attest that this is a personal hell. Being in the hallway with indecisiveness, having one foot on the boat and one on the dock, can reek havoc on the neurotransmitters in the brain, cortisol in the body, and a paralysis in life.     

Here are some solutions to to the confusion in the mind:

  1. Ask yourself every moment “is this what someone who loves themselves would do”? This question alone will change your life. Always choose the loving action that feeds your soul.
  2. What ever “lights up” and “excites” you or feels like a “hell yes” should be the direction you follow.
  3. If there is a sense of peace and relief in your life, then you are headed on the right path.
  4. Attempt not to do something out of obligation or guilt, when it comes to your weekends or free time.
  5. Make the choice that uplifts you first, then your family, and then your friends. Let your decision to “feel good” be your compass.

The number one complaint from those that I work with, is they feel they have sacrificed their lives for tho around them.They have immense regrets that they were so busy pleasing others, that they neglected pleasing themselves. By pleasing yourself first, and filling up your own cup with self-love and joy, that overflowing cup of goodness can only spill over onto everyone that comes into contact with you. Fill your own cup up with clarity, excitement, and your inner guidance to feel good. Through your daily decision to have loving thoughts, feelings, and actions towards yourself first,  life will undoubtedly transform from your personal hell to your personal heaven.

Happy New Year and God Bless You!

Melissa Heller2015