Full Circle X2


If you really love enough, it will often return....

On my 18th Birthday, my Father bought me this awesome mountain bicycle. Oh, how I loved that bike. It quickly became my soulmate, as I explored both Denver and then San Francisco throughout my college years and beyond.

My bicycle took me up and down Nob Hill, Pacific Heights, and over the Golden Gate Bridge countless times. We went everywhere together. My bike was my ticket to the feeling of freedom, expansiveness, and adventure as I pedaled up and down the steep hills of this busy, crazy city. 

My Stump Jumper had tie-dye stickers strategically placed all over it, so it was easily identified as my bike.

Unfortunately sometimes we lose the things we love. Someone cut the kryptonite lock and stole my trusted two-wheeled treasure. Being somewhat unattached to material things, I let it go with deep love, and moved on with my life.

Fast forward ten years later, and 400 miles away to Santa Monica.  My car broke down on Montana Avenue and 11th Street. I got out of my car and there it was... MY BIKE, and all of it’s accoutrement, locked to a parking meter. My jaw dropped and my heart sang, as I stared at my icon from my San Francisco bohemian days. I quickly grabbed my young son out of the backseat, and walked into the nearest restaurant, and asked all the waiters and waitresses if the bike locked up outside belonged to anyone? A waiter quickly came forward and said my bike was his, and that he bought it at a flea market in Oakland. He asked if I wanted it back? I quickly replied, “no, you keep it, it’s yours now”. I already had a new my bike and I wasn’t about to take his only way of getting around.

While I was waiting for the tow truck to give me a jump, I said my last goodbyes to my previous companion, that somehow followed me all the way down to Southern California to also say a final  farewell. I have always been pretty good about practicing non-attachment and realizing the impermanence of all things. 

This story is a great example of the Law of Attraction. If you love something enough you will magnetize it to you, both material and non-material. Those who know me, know big homes and fancy cars don’t excite me, but being free, expansive, athletic, and moving through space thrills me immensely. 

What excites you? Are you magnetizing it to you? Email me at foxleyyoga@gmail.com and tell me what person, place, or thing has come full circle in your life that you love? 

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