The Student Is The Teacher


It is so funny how the teacher can become the student, and the student can become the teacher. 
In my 23 years of teaching yoga, I often learn a tremendous amount of life lessons from my students. Since most of my students are 30 to 40 years my senior, I take a tremendous amount of wisdom from them on a daily basis. One student in particular teaches me about how to be in the world. Let me list some of her amazing qualities, and then you will agree you to would want to be just like her when you grow up. P.S. she is in her late 80’s:

  1. Always asks how me I’m doing (even after the loss of her 93 year old husband)  
  2. Treats everyone in her life with a kind and considerate tone
  3. Very rarely complains about her challenges and difficulties, even though her husband suffered from dementia for a decade, and she survived the Holocaust.
  4. Always dresses lovely, even in her workout clothes, with make-up, and a smile.
  5. She continues to dance and listen to live classical music, and see friends on a regular basis.
  6. Her moods are consistent. She does not get rude or unkind to those around her.
  7. She spreads light, love and sweetness to everyone that comes into contact with her.

What a list and what a woman! If I could take two of her qualities, it would be consistency in mood, and always asking how people around me are doing, regardless of what I am personally going through. 

Equanimity and joy in all areas of life are the gifts that yoga and meditation offer, if we choose.With time and with consistent practice, I will give up the need to complain, and always find the time to ask how someone else is doing regardless of my personal state of affairs, and my busyness with life. 

In summation, those that behave well can teach us how to be in the world. Those that behave badly, can teach us how not to be in the world. In reality everyone we come into contact with on a daily basis can become our teacher. School is in session everyday, if we are truly awake. 

Thank you to my yoga student that really became my teacher on how to behave in the world!

Melissa Heller2014Comment