The Middle Way


You know the fairytale about “Goldilocks & The Three Bears”. Remember the part where she enjoys the porridge that is not too hot or too cold, but the one that is just right? How about when she seeks a bed to rest her weary bones? She prefers the bed that is not too hard or too soft, but the one that is just right. The middle way is what Goldilocks prefers.

We can use this story in every endeavor in life. When looking for a mate or a job, the key is the middle way. If there is too much effort in hunting for a job or mate, then there is a smell of desperation. That smell is extremely unattractive for the one doing the hiring, or the man or woman sitting across the table sensing this needy individual. When we get hard up for things to be different, others will find you repelling. 

Become inviting instead of repelling. When doing anything in life, we need to find the balance between caring and not caring so much. You could equate it with one of my favorite sayings, “wear life like a loose garment”. We need to build confidence, through trusting and believing in ourselves, and “acting as if” you are worthy of getting hired, or you are worthy of being loved. Relaxing and not being so concerned about the outcome so much, is the key. Literally enjoying the process of seeking and being in the moment is also helpful.

Did you know the number one thing men look for in a woman, and women look for in men is “confidence”? Start believing in yourself, not in a narcissistic or cocky way, but in a healthy way. You deserve more than crumbs. You are a child of this universe and you deserve to find a way to seek what you want and need in life. Just take it easy, because desperation is never attractive. Care just enough so that you go out there and seek what you need. 

If Goldilocks can find her perfect porridge and the mattress that is just right, you can, too. 

Seek the middle way.

Melissa Heller2014Comment