No Manual Needed


What if you studied yoga through reading books and studying sanskrit, but never actually got on a mat to practice the poses? What if you read books on hiking and studied all the trails, but never stepped foot in the mountains? What if you got a degree, but never put it into practice, because you were afraid of not only failure, but success?

It is not enough to study a method of yoga, psychology, sales, or whatever your soup du jour is. We need to actually do it. In order to put our studies into practice we need to dig deep through perspiration, not just inspiration.

Many of my friends and clients have degree after degree, but for some reason, they seem afraid to actually take the knowledge they have acquired and put it into practice. The best remedy for this is to take small steps towards your goals in order to breed success. A great example of this is to start small. Let’s say you are trying to build up your clientele in psychology, start with one client a week. How about sales? How about starting with just one sale at a time?. What if you are beginning the study of yoga? How about getting on the mat 10 minutes a day to start, then building from there.

Remember that success begets success.

My late yoga teacher Sri Pattabhi Jois use to say that yoga is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. I finally got what he was talking about. You cannot replicate the feeling of an incredible yoga practice on a mat, by duplicating it into words, and conveying it on pages of a book. You have to put the knowledge into action.

No words can possibly duplicate taking what we have learned in an instruction manual and putting it into practice into our lives. So if you are studying gardening, dig. If you have been learning geography, travel. If you have a degree in psychology, help. Take what you have learned and put it to practice. Fearlessly feel, smell, taste, touch, sense, and sweat with all your being-ness now. Put down the books, stop talking about it, and do it now.  And let me know how it goes. I care.  Namaste

Melissa Heller2014Comment