Your Messy Message


What has your personal hell been in this lifetime?

Have you struggled with depression, drug addiction or overeating? How about growing up with a narcissistic parent or even married to a sociopath? What about poverty or challenging diagnosis?

We ALL struggle with’s called life on life’s terms.

Well, if you’ve overcome those personal hurdles....your mess is now your message.

Yes, you too can make your personal crap into fertilizer for your new garden built on resilience, fortitude and perseverance.

You can shape your personal lump of coal into a diamond.

The transformation to a phoenix rising from its ashes is painful, but in 12-step groups they say, “pain is the touchstone of all spiritual growth”.

It’s no picnic walking through what you’ve been through....but you know now you are able to share the wisdom and strength you’ve gained with others.

Let’s make each generation smarter by teaching them first of all, they are not alone.

Everyone struggles.

Know whatever you’re going through, someone else has been through it. Reach out and ask for help. It heals not only you, but also the person who is sharing their personal story.

Yes, your personal hell can become heaven when you walk through to the other side.

Once you get from the problem to the solution....share, write and blog your victories, because ultimately your mess is your message.

You did it. You’ve moved from victim to victorious.

Thank you for reading and sharing and remember to always, always, always go where the love is.