Hocus, Pocus, Focus


Are you looking at your friend’s inherent weaknesses, or their strengths?

Are you focusing on their illness or their wellness?

Whatever you seek you find.

Or another way to put it.....what you focus on, or look for, magnifies.

I believe you can create change, not by using the Newtonian law of cause and effect, but by using Quantum physics through what Dr. Joe Dispenza calls,” CAUSING EFFECT”.

In other words if you change the way you look at people or situations, the people or situations you look at…..change.

I personally know this works because I’ve practiced it over a thousand times.

Don’t succumb to the way things are.

Visualize and FOCUS on GREATNESS, not only in yourself, but in your relatives, neighbors, friends, community and planet. And you will find that they will mirror back what you seek.



You will be pleasantly surprised.

Thank you for reading and sharing and remember to always, always, always seek the greatness in everyone you meet.