Practice Relationships


Did you know that the number one thing men look for in women is the same thing women look for in men?

The number one thing is confidence.

Why do we look for confidence in another person?

I’ll tell you why.....

Imagine getting on a plane and the pilot over the loud speaker says to hold on tight and fasten your seatbelts and it’s urgent you know where the oxygen mask is because you might need it. He goes on to say he has never flown a DC10 and is quite scared and really not sure if he is able to land this huge piece of equipment.

Scary, right?

How about a surgeon who’s about to do surgery with you or a loved one? What if he goes on to say he hasn’t done many of these procedures and that it’s really risky because he’s so inexperienced?


How about a lawyer who is not confident about winning your case?

You get the idea.

You want a confident pilot, doctor, lawyer, employee and most importantly.....partner.

Become confident by practicing relationships.

That’s the only way professionals became confident.... by practicing, practicing and more practicing.

So get out there and practice so you can become a confident kisser, communicator, lover and friend.

Confidence is only achieved through practice.

You can do it and I have confidence in you!

Thank you for reading and sharing! Namaste.

Melissa Heller2018