Fill Up .....With Love


We are what we seek.

We are love.

If we are anything but love it’s time to fill up first.

Find things to love about yourself, everyday.

Love your eyes.

Love your mind.

Love your lungs.

Love your legs.

Love your breath.

Love your heart.

Love your surroundings.

Dig deep and love YOU.

You are beautiful.

Then let the love overflow onto and into everyone and everything YOU come into contact with. With a healthy discernment, of course.

Fill yourself up so fully that LOVE spills over onto your children, parents, spouse, siblings, friends, neighbors and planet.

If you find someone who is not loving, know they are unplugged. Keep your distance.... but IF it’s safe, move in and send them thoughts of love.

Mirror back to others what it means to stay in love or above.

Don’t waver no matter how hard you may be challenged by someone else’s negativity.

Hold your ground.

Love always wins.

Love heals everything.

One more thing....

“Always, always, always go where the love is.”