This May Make You Mad...


This is going to make you really mad, so you have to read the whole blog in order to cool your boiling blood, and it will make sense and empower you at the same time.

You are 100% responsible for everything that shows up in your life.

Yes, many self empowerment teachers tell us in order to take control of our illnesses, finances, and relationships, we have to stop blaming others for our circumstances and know that it is 100% our responsibility. 

Before your blood pressure goes haywire, let me clarify what “responsibility” means. How we respond to the events that happen in our lives is the outcome. I have heard the equation spelled out like this in Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles”:

E+R=O  Event+Responsibility=Outcome

In the above equation, we are powerless over the (E) events in our lives, but we can always choose how we want to (R) respond to the (E) event that occurred, and then the combination of the (E) event and the (R) response creates the ultimate (O) outcome of our lives.

Let’s say a tsunami hits your life. Tsunamis can come in all forms, like cancer, death, divorce, or an accident. We may not be responsible for what happens to us, but how we choose to respond to it determines the ultimate outcome. If our response is filled with optimism, humility, and compassion, the results will have those attributes. If we react with anger, blame, hysteria, and self pity, the outcome will bury you under your covers with the shades closed. 

So how do you respond to the events in your life? The answer is simple. If you want the life of your dreams, respond in ways that elevate your existence. If you choose to live a life filled with blame, victimization, and helplessness, your life will be filled with all three.

Everything that shows up in our lives is equal to how we choose to respond. If we as individuals are 100% part of the problem, the good news is that we are 100% part of the solution. 

Let’s get busy and throw out the complaint and blame game. Respond now with an action plan on how to improve the outcome with thoughts, feelings, choices, and behaviors of optimism, enthusiasm, and creativity. It’s 100% up to you! Don’t you feel calm and better now that you know you are the captain of your own outcome? 

Thanks for reading and sharing.  Namaste.

Melissa Heller2014Comment