Master Of Your Fate


In the human experience we’ve all felt lost out at sea (metaphorically) without a compass or a sail.

Feeling like a victim in the storms of life can be all too common as we toss and turn with turbulence and unpredictability.

There is a cure for this feeling of hopelessness and victimhood.

The solution is well versed in a section of the poem titled “Invictus”:

“I am the master of my fate,
 I am the captain of my soul”
 -William Ernest Henly

Yes, you are the mastering your thoughts. Everything begins with thoughts.

Your thoughts are the rudder towards the desired outcome.

Negative thoughts guide you into a negative life.

Positive thoughts lead you into a positive future.

Begin to navigate those murky waters now by acknowledging you are only one thought away from mastering your own life NOW!

Melissa Heller2018