Master You


I came onto this planet without life’s manual and certainly felt I had a missing internal GPS system. Feeling uncomfortable in this earth suit was all too familiar and I couldn’t shake depression, self-pity and negative situations.

You know Murphy’s Law? I was Murphy.

Then, one day it hit me. Maybe all that negative thinking was making me negative? Maybe if I changed how I thought about things, the things I thought about might change.

If you’re driving a car, it’s best to choose where you’re going or you can get lost. But since I didn’t have an internal GPS system I muddled along and got lost so many times!

I finally found my way!

When you act like the MASTER (in the driver’s seat) of your life, then you’re no longer the VICTIM (in the passenger’s seat).

How do you do that?

You master your thoughts, rather than your thoughts mastering you. Simple, but not easy.

According to author Napoleon Hill, Did you know your thoughts go out into the ether and you magnetize exactly what you are thinking and you get a vibrational match every time? No exceptions!

Would you rather be a victim in this lifetime or the master of your own soul and destiny?

“The most common way people give up there power is by thinking they don’t have any”
-Alice Walker

Take your power by choosing your thoughts carefully to masterfully create YOUR own life.

It all begins with new thoughts. Know you are one thought away from a magical life.

If I moved from victim to the master of my own soul, you can too!

Melissa Heller2018