Selfishly Spiritual?


Is is possible to be selfish AND spiritual?

Many spiritual teachers say the key to a better life is to fill up your own cup first, so you have an overflow to give to others. Flight attendants say the same thing when they say, “Put your oxygen mask on first then help those around you.”

I was somewhat onboard with this concept of selfishness until a guest came to stay with us for the weekend. He said how excited he was to experience L.A. for the first time. But when he got here, all he did was lounge around on the living room couch all day, watching Netflix and eating all my power bars. I felt suffocated and trapped, like I was being held hostage in my own home. Did he have to take up the heart of the house all day? Couldn’t he give me a little space and watch Netflix in his private room upstairs?

I began to ponder selfishness as a spiritual tool and two important keys were missing: Empathy and boundaries.

When we are taking care of ourselves we need to be conscientious of the people around us! If we are harming others in order to take care of ourselves, this is not spiritual. When we decide to only serve our own needs while stealing others space and time we aren’t helping, we are hurting.

In conclusion, it’s perfectly spiritual to be selfish, IF you infuse it with kindness and consideration for those around you! Make sure in your selfishness you don’t take from others, or hold others hostage.

Thank you for reading and sharing and remember to always, always, always go where the love is. Namaste!

Melissa Heller2018