Gasoline On Your Broccoli


It was a sunny Santa Monica afternoon, and I wanted to quickly run into Whole Foods to grab my family something from the buffet, before heading home for the evening. 
Next to me was a woman screaming at the man behind the deli counter, “There is no way I am feeding my daughter pesticides and genetically modified foods.” Then she turned to me and said, “Can you believe it?” I gently nodded and went about my business. 

The thing of it is, that woman was a mirror of me about a decade ago. I use to go crazy over things that were potentially unhealthy for the body. Here are a few examples;

  1. I was a strict neurotic vegan for 15 years
  2. Eating processed foods out of a box or a bag was never an option.
  3. Home cooking of only organic, mostly macrobiotic food, was my obsession.

So as you can see, I was quite finicky in the field of food. Now I have changed my ways. I am much more fun to be with. I am more relaxed and eat almost anything within reason (eggs, fish, yogurt, and cheese). 

That woman screaming at the man behind the deli counter was doing more damage to her liver and those around her, than any pesticide could ever do. Bad thoughts and feelings are more detrimental to the body, than any processed junk food.

This is my own personal belief and my own personal experience. But, I do believe that thoughts and feelings, both good and bad impact our health. If I am living on organic healthy foods, but screaming incessantly at people in my life, it is more toxic than living on Oreos and Coca Cola.

I know mood and food are often intertwined, but I think you get my point. 
When making food choices it is important to know that a good mood while you're shopping, cooking and eating comes into play. Blessing the food also has a transformative energy.

If you are at Whole Foods screaming at others in the market, you might as well throw a little gasoline on your broccoli or kale. Remember bad moods, being neurotic and judgemental about every little crumb you digest, can create more damage to your insides. Never mind the people around you that have to tolerate your persnickety ways.

Be easy on yourself and drop the controlling, obsessive, neurotic food habits and wear Whole Foods like a loose garment!

If I did, you can! Remember good thoughts equal great results!

Thanks for reading and sharing!

Melissa Heller2017