Save Your Relationships


Do you want to salvage your marriage? Would you like to bond more deeply with your children? How about increasing your business? Well, there is one essential element to connecting with those around you on a deeper level. The secret is understanding their love language.

According to the book, “The 5 Love Languages,” by Gary Chapman there are five love languages. The five love languages are as follows;

  1. touch
  2. compliments
  3. time
  4. acts of service
  5. gifts

By understanding the predominant love language of your child, spouse, client, friend, or parent you can actually strengthen the bond by knowing what their soul craves in connecting. 

A clear example of this is when the husband is working two jobs to provide for his wife and children, and the husband is working hard, thinking he is doing the right thing. Then one day, his wife asks for a divorce and he is baffled. The husband was working for the well being of both his children and his wife, he thought.

Well, with a little more research it was discovered that his wife’s love language was time and touch. She felt literally starved by her husband’s absence. By discovering his wife’s love language, the husband quit his evening job, cut down expenses, and then spent evenings with his family. The marriage was saved by simply discovering the needs of his wife’s soul. 

Give yourself what you desire as well. I desire touch and compliments. So I make sure getting a massage is part of my monthly repertoire. Also, one of my love languages is compliments. I am a sucker for compliments. So, I give them to myself whether I get them from others or not.

Simply ask your children, coworkers, parents, friends, and partners what their love language is and them give them what they desire. It will truly change your relationship with yourself and others.