Throw Away Your Kale


Throw away your vitamins, kale and crystals now. Just kidding (kind of). 

There are a few steps to spontaneous healing that we will discuss in this blog due to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s findings, as he went around the world interviewing people that have miraculously cured from a variety of devastating diagnosis. 

Here are the four steps to healing:

STEP 1: These individuals that were healed communed with something Higher than themselves on a daily basis. This deep daily connection to God, Source, Higher Power, Buddha, Allah, Jesus, Krishna or whatever they personally called it helped catapult these people into a spontaneous healing.

STEP 2: Those that healed took responsibility for mismanagement of their lives and learned, without blame, that if they had a part in the illness, that they could take part in the healing.

STEP 3: Now that these people acknowledged their patterns, behaviors and choices  responsible for the illness, they memorized a new conscious habit of being to break the habit.

STEP 4: Once the feeling that a tiger isn’t constantly chasing these individuals the (fear) stress hormone has calmed down, and they began to go into a place that is beyond the body, time and space. They go somewhere that can be described as pure bliss or in yoga is called Samadhi.

Practice these steps if you want to create a new and better version of you, now. Also, please check out Dr. Joe Dispenza on YouTube and listen to his remarkable personal story on healing. 

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Melissa Heller2016