There is a Cherokee Indian parable about a little boy talking to his grandfather and telling him there are two wolves living inside of him.One wolf is filled with anger, competition, resentment, jealousy and impatience. Meanwhile, the other wolf inside the child is filled with joy, bliss, gratitude, acceptance and a sense of wellbeing.

The young child asks his grandfather how do you deal with this duplicity. The grandfather thought about it for a bit and responded with saying , “Whatever wolf you feed will grow”.

ll of us have a negative and a positive wolf.

 Which one are you feeding? Are you complaining, gossiping, living in the past, losing your temper, becoming impatient or holding onto old hurts? Or are you grateful, complimentary, loving, content, satisfied and forgiving?

Remember that where you put your attention, infused with intention, will grow. What you ignore will wither. Feed the good wolf daily and your life will undoubtedly thrive beyond your wildest dreams.

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Melissa Heller2016