Play Work


Walking in the most beautiful park in America with my husband, I was discussing how I needed to finish my “F*cked 2 Fixed Up” workbook. My husband quickly retorted, “No one likes to work, so why call it a workbook”? Hmmm, I responded with, “How about a playbook?”

The very next evening while seeing my regular client, I decided to tell myself I was going to “play” rather than “work”. My body immediately responded with a sense of lightness and joy with the thought of “play”. My client also thoroughly enjoyed our session!

So, from this day forward I am choosing to tell my mind “work” is really “play”. Also, if I make work my play, then I don’t work a single day of my life. It is all in my perception!

As the late Wayne Dyer used to say, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” From this day forward I’m going to allow myself to view “work” as a walk in the park, and watch that playfulness rub off onto my clients.
It is time to lighten up and not take life so gosh darn seriously!

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Melissa Heller2016, Most Popular