The Joyful Emotional Diet


After mastering your thoughts with “The Gentle Mental Diet” (in the previous blog) it is now time to infuse your impeccable thoughts with your joyful emotions in “The Playful Emotional Diet”. 


For seven days you will carry on your regular duties and responsibilities, but with a joyful attitude. If you want to pretend you are just interning or it is your first day on the job, that will create a beginner’s mind. You can also pretend you are a writer for Newsweek or Time magazine and are writing an amusing and feel-good article about the day and life of you. That way you have a breezy view of your world through objective eyes, rather than your stale subjective view.  You can even pretend that you just moved to your neighborhood and are looking around from a vacationer’s perspective. You can even take this same perspective with your family and relatives. Imagine you are a journalist writing a lighthearted article on the life and times of your family, children, spouse or close friends. Humor is encouraged.

In your free time give yourself permission to do more self-care activities that include: 

  • massage
  • hikes, golf, tennis, yoga, beach 
  • reading for pleasure
  • taking yourself out to your favorite restaurant
  • baths
  • dancing to your favorite music
  • movies (comedy is encouraged)
  • buying / wearing a nice piece of clothing that makes you feel fabulous
  • calling a friend that you haven’t talked to in awhile
  • planning a trip or even taking a trip during your emotional diet would be awesome.
  • buying yourself flowers

Please refrain from anything that will create an emotional or physical hangover such as drinking/ overeating or spending too much money.

While on your emotional diet you will practice moving up the emotional scale as shown in Dr. David Hawkins emotional scale chart (see above). Use your own inner guidance to ask yourself what will feel happy in every moment. Follow your bliss throughout the seven days and then write down on a piece of paper, at the end of each day, all the wonderful actions you took in order to stay above the fray.

When you take this emotional diet and learn to follow your own joy and exhilaration (not someone else’s). Watch your life be in sync with your heart’s desires. As you learn to do this seven-day emotional diet, it is encouraged you become a master of this diet. Let it lead you into blissful mastery for the rest of your life. After all, it is YOUR life, not your boss’s, spouses, parents or friends. Take a stand for self-care and watch your life start to look and feel like YOU. Watch everything around you thrive because you have chosen joy to be your teacher instead of suffering.

P.S. If you are taking the “F*CKED UP TO FIXED UP” workshop you will also continue to wear your band from you gentle mental diet and snap your band whenever you get derailed from your emotional diet. When you snap your band please replace the negative feeling with a positive thought and notice how quickly you will get back on track!

Melissa Heller2016