No Ashram Needed


Some people spend thousands of dollars to go to some workshop, ashram, or church to reach enlightenment or to awaken, when in reality, you can do that right in your own home. You can also read all the books in the world to study spirituality and to wake up, but in reality, spirituality is not a theory, it is a practice. Currently, I live with my 18 year old son Ben and I often refer to him as Guru Ben. This wonderful son of mine has taught me so many numerous lessons, that there are too many to list in this blog. However, here are just a few:

  1. Always pause and take a deep breath before responding when your child (or relative/friend) is angry. It is important to respond rather than react. 
  2. I suffered from being a chronic people pleaser when my son was young, but having a son that had tantrums in public, took care of this issue of not caring what others thought of me. My son had sensory overload often and that is how he dealt with his issue. He truly taught me that it is none of my business what you think of me. You have not walked a mile in my moccasins with a special needs son.
  3. Saying “no” was very difficult for me, but was necessary if I was to raise a child with very few village members. It would be neglectful towards my son if I were to say “yes” to every invitation and event. For the 16 years that I raised my son with minimal help, I made my son my priority.      

As you can see from the list above I did not need to fly to an ashram in India, or go to Sedona to sit in a sweat lodge for many persevering hours to become enlightened. The work that needs to be done in order to wake-up is literally right under our noses. Some of the lessons could be:

  1. Pausing before going into habits of anger, impatience, blame, victimization, or depression.
  2. Unconditionally and compassionately forgiving ourselves and others.
  3. Learning to put ourselves first before appeasing others.
  4. Speaking up and having a voice, instead of burying our wants and needs.
  5. Being authentic with ourselves and others in order to become transparent, seen, and heard.
  6. Building a community within our personal ashram so we get the support we desire.

So save yourself thousands of dollars, and many wasted days searching for the answers to awaken in some exotic country  through some bizarre ritual to “get there”. You are living in your temple and you “are there”. The lessons and teachings to become conscious are right before your very eyes. Your gurus are under your very roof, and your teachers are here now. Wake up now in the city you live in and embrace the challenges before you, for they are your teacher. If you comprehend and embrace the lessons now, you will flourish and thrive and transcend to new heights and dimensions right in your own living room. Save your airline fair and go sit on your couch, sit in lotus, and take a deep breath. Welcome, you have arrived to your destination of enlightenment through your current lessons now. Embrace them with gratitude. 

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