"Mixed Up to Fixed Up: Turn Your Life Around. Today." by Susan Foxley | ★★★★★
$5.95 (Kindle), $16.95 (Paperback)

Learn how to listen to your heart and follow your own compass. Incorporate personal, life-coaching lessons and strategies into your life, to get you from “Mixed Up to Fixed Up.” I help people live healthier, happier lives. Fitness is more than physical. It’s emotional, mindful and even spiritual.

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Susan's video series offer targeted yoga workouts for people of all ages and abilities, and will challenge the novice as well as the experienced student. They are available in three disciplines:


Forever Yoga I: Fit Flow Series
$19.95 | Clips

This five-disc set is geared towards those who enjoy active yoga. The series includes: Mindful Movement, Foxley Foundation, Strengthen + Lengthen, Honing + Toning, and Life, Body, Balance. 


Forever Yoga II: Slow Flow Series
$19.95 | Clips

This five-disc set is designed for the more mature yoga practitioner and seniors. The series includes: Mobility + Stability, Core, Floor + More, Get Back Your Back, Sit + Get Fit, and Chair Yoga. 


Yoga for All Ages
$19.95 | Clips

Susan Foxley’s original eight-disk set of yoga routines will challenge the novice or mature student as well as more accomplished yogis.