I Messed Up.....


I messed up big time...

A couple of weeks ago, in Las Vegas, I was with a thousand people watching Dr. Joe Dispenza talk on epigenetics and neuroplasticity.

During the break I bought Dr. Joe’s new book and I wanted to get it signed after the 5 hour talk.

Instead of politely saying goodbye to the lovely couple from San Diego and the other wonderful woman from Bakersfield, I bolted so I could be first in line to get a book signed.

In retrospect, I was rude and impatient.

What makes me think Dr. Joe’s autograph is more important than being polite and kind to the people sitting next to me?

Everyone I meet deserves the same common courtesy and respect as my current favorite author.

If I could fix my mess and rewind the tape, I would skip rushing to get an autograph (which I never got by the way) and instead get the autograph of the warm hearted people sitting next to me.

From this day forward, I’m committed to treating everyone that is in front of me, or next to me, worthy of receiving their autograph.

Everyone is special and I’m going to choose to see God within everyone I meet.

And a final note of a deep apology to the people sitting next to me:

I am sorry and please forgive me.

Melissa Heller2018