Planetary Alarm Clock


This is not the time to press the snooze button on your alarm clock. This is our planetary wake up call and it is time to jump out of bed and move from competition to cooperation. It is time to convene, congregate and come together NOW in order for humans to survive.

It is  time to unite and stop throwing friends, colleagues, neighbors and nations under the bus!

It is imminent that we begin with ourselves, and look at OUR part in what is happening on a global level. Here are some steps you can begin to take:

  1. Practice the Golden rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
  2. Look at similarities rather than differences.
  3. Remove selfishness and move into service.
  4. Release judgement.
  5. Choose compliments instead  of criticisms.
  6. Use admiration rather than jealousy.
  7. Love and relish in the interesting and fascinating varieties of religions, ethnicities, careers and cultures 
  8. Seek to unite rather than to divide and conquer
  9. Choose to uplift instead of tearing others down.
  10. Always move towards Love rather than Hate.
  11. Choose kindness instead of cruelty.
  12. Move towards compassion rather than compariso.

The planetary alarm clock is ringing NOW and it is time to turn it off! Your awakening is right now! I've have been shaking you to awake. Let's get up and get going to spread some much needed love, prayers and action onto this precious planet which we ALL share.

Thank you for reading and sharing and always, always, always go where the love is.

Melissa Heller2017