The Mental Diet


In my “Mixed Up to Fixed Up” workshop the first tool I give my students is a mental diet. It starts with a beautifully decorated elastic band placed on their wrist, in the first five minutes. From that moment on, they have to snap the band every time they have a negative thought and replace it with a positive one.

This mental diet begins to inform the conscious mind of the habitual thoughts that run the mind unconsciously. Since 95% of what shows up in our lives is shaped by our subconscious mind, when we break those nasty habits of chronic negative thinking, the world temporarily becomes upside down. But, that is when the subconscious mind starts changing. Your new thoughts and your new world will reassemble. You begin to change and may be unrecognizable to onlookers who will look at you in amazement.

When you practice this mental diet please keep it as a personal practice and keep it to yourself. This is a sacred and personal practice and when you reap the benefits of this discipline begin to share it with everyone you know.

The last frontier of this diet, and the one that creates the most dramatic change in your life is removing negative judgement. The tendency to judge yourself and others starts to fall away. Get rid of all judgement and find ways to compliment and build up everyone and everything in your life, especially yourself.

When judgement is eliminated your heart will begin to open and everyone around you will begin to soften and start to reveal the most precious and vulnerable parts of themselves. When there is absence of judgement there is only love. That is when the healing can really begin between individuals, neighborhoods, cultures and countries. 

 So go out to your local drugstore and buy a stretchy band to go around your wrist and snap, snap, snap those negative thoughts away. Replace them with affirmations that melt away division, superiority, ego, elitism, ageism, racism and religiosity. We are all more alike than you know, so let's find our common greatness and awesomeness today. Start YOUR mental diet right now. Today!

Melissa Heller2017