Your Bulletproof Vest


Who doesn't need a bulletproof vest for protection from a personal health crisis, financial demise or even romantic collapse?

There is scientific proof that altruistic prayer for the wellness and wholeness of ANOTHER actually does YOU more good than the person receiving the prayer.

It is true the receiver of prayer does improve significantly. And the person doing the sending has "off the charts" success within his or her own life, according to author and researcher Lynne McTaggart. 

The GOOD you're intending rebounds back to you creating a mirror effect.

From my own personal desperation and experience, I spent two decades getting up early in the morning to visualize wellness for my son, family members, friends and the planet. During my dark night of the soul period I was taught this method and I found it was a natural antidepressant.

Praying for others may have your chronic depression disappear, relationships with family and friends improve and the career that was stuck for decades become unstuck. 

The scientific reason for all this magic is that intending good for others affects the Vagus nerve, which in turn creates the feel good chemical called oxytocin. The brain also has coherence similar to monks who've chanted for years! To learn more read Lynne McTaggart's book "The Power of Eight."

Get your bulletproof vest today when you get off of your OWN problems and focus on sending good intentions to someone else!

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Melissa Heller2017