Come Play With Me


A reader of mine asked why most of my blogs have little to do with yoga and more about life coaching. After all, I have taught yoga for over two decades and I have only been life coaching for about ten years. 

Writing about yoga for me is like writing about walking, breathing, or even eating. My practice has become an integral part of my life and I do it as religiously as I brush my teeth.

Yoga for me reflects the foundation upon which I’ve built my symbolic home. Yoga grounds me to my figurative first floor and it is the kitchen which feeds my soul. It’s also my living room where I meditate and truly relax on my mental couch. Yoga echoes throughout the basement, which I go down to in times of personal tornado warnings. It’s where I collect my personal canned goods in case of an unseen storm. 

On the other hand, life coaching, creative visualization, the law of attraction, and self-hypnosis are on the second, third floors and even the attic of my home. When using these life-altering techniques, my views out my window get more expansive and I have more light flooding in. My vistas of the sky, clouds, trees, and lawn open up so much more than on the first floor. When I’m upstairs I symbolically play more. Upstairs is all about my Legos and Hula Hoops.

Eighty to 90 percent of what shows up in our lives is from our subconscious mind. The only way to change engrained patterns is through imagination, visualization and affirmation. So to stop the loop of of insanity (samsara) of doing the same thing over and over again, I prefer to blog, teach and explore the upper floors of consciousness. I find liberation using these techniques and share them with not just yogis, but everyone, no matter their path.

Don’t get me wrong. Without the ground floors of yoga, meditation and pranayama, my upper floors are harder to access. Yes, we all need a foundation of physical, mental and spiritual practice. No home and no one can exist without a solid base. There are no shortcuts.

So why do I blog more about life coaching? Because yoga is already an established part of my life. Whereas, coaching breaks down the subconscious patterns quickly while playing with my metaphorical Play-Doh in my attic. Come play with me, and together we’ll experience just how delicious the imagination can be when using it to change our lives. 

To find out more about how to spend time in the attic, come play with me at my “F**KED UP TO FIXED UP” workshops once a month in West Los Angeles. You can contact me via email or fine us on Namaste.

Melissa Heller