watch: FOXLEY FITNESS yoga

Susan's video series offer targeted yoga workouts for people of all ages and abilities, and will challenge the novice as well as the experienced student. They are available in three disciplines:



Forever Yoga I: Fit Flow
$19.95 | Clips

This five-disc set is geared towards those who enjoy active yoga. The series includes: Mindful Movement, Foxley Foundation, Strengthen + Lengthen, Honing + Toning, and Life, Body, Balance. 



Forever Yoga II: Slow Flow
$19.95 | Clips

This five-disc set is designed for the more mature yoga practitioner and seniors. The series includes: Mobility + Stability, Core, Floor + More, Get Back Your Back, Sit + Get Fit, and Chair Yoga. 



Yoga for All Ages
$19.95 | Clips

Susan Foxley’s original eight-disk set of yoga routines will challenge the novice or mature student as well as more accomplished yogis. 



READ: Susan’s Book

Susan's book teaches readers how to go from mixed up to fixed up!



"Mixed Up to Fixed Up: Turn Your Life Around. Today." by Susan Foxley | ★★★★★
$5.95 (Kindle), $16.95 (Paperback) | Look Inside

Learn how to apply the life coaching, law of attraction, meditation and spirituality into your life to get you all fixed up. Susan Foxley will honestly tell you stories of her struggles with low self esteem in her youth, challenges with addiction, being widowed at a young age and raising a special needs child on her own. Her stories are uplifting and include help and hope for those who feel there is no way out. To get a plethora of tools for your toolbelt this book is a must!