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There are three C's that need to happen in order to have a great relationship according to relationship expert Dr. Pat Allen. The three C's are communication, compatibility and chemistry. If any of these are missing the relationship will not survive.

As I was sharing the three C's with some fellow coffee drinkers at Peet's coffee this morning, Phillip Sheppard from TV’s ‘Survivor’ chimed in there was one C missing and it is compassion. I couldn't agree more!

Then when I came home to share with my husband what a great blog the 4 C's would be, he thought courage would be a great 5th addition to the C's.
He mentioned it takes courage not to give up on love and to get out there and get out of your comfort zone.

So now we’re up to 5 C's: Communication, compatibility, chemistry, compassion and courage. But now I want to top it off with one more C: Confidence. Relationship expert Christian Carter says confidence is the number one thing men look for in women and women look for in men.

Could you imagine getting onto a plane and the pilot says over the loud speaker, “Excuse me, passengers but I'm feeling trepidatious and not very confident about flying this plane today.” How would that make you feel as a passenger?

Have confidence in yourself if you intend to have someone share your voyage with you! Life is an adventure. Believe you are lovable and that you deserve to be loved!

Now dust yourself off from your past hurts and go out there with courage, confidence and compassion and you will find the perfect person who imbues communication, compatibility and chemistry!
C? It’s easy!
<![CDATA[Do Re Mi Me Me]]>Mon, 19 Feb 2018 23:46:16 GMThttp://susanfoxley.com/life-blogs/do-re-mi-me-me
How are you feeling today? Are you happy and grateful, or sad and racked by worry?

Sadness, doubt and fear are feelings I often felt as a young girl. Dr. Joe Dispenza labels them SURVIVAL emotions, and even goes so far as to call them SELFISH. Me, selfish? Sadly, Yes because insecurity and doubt usually stem from thoughts of me, me and more about me!

But when I'm in feelings of joy, wholeness and trust, Dispenza labels these CREATIVE emotions, and being in a SELFLESS state.

When we're in any kind of negative emotion such as competition, judgement or worry it comes from a feeling of LACK. We are afraid there is simply not enough to go around. We become selfish and afraid of losing what we have.

When we feel inspired, empowered and whole we feel satiated and sure there is enough to go around. We feel selfless and want the best for all!

Today I choose the CREATIVE and SELFLESS state of wholeness and gratitude, so I'm not singing that familiar melody we all learned as children... "Do Re Mi ME ME ME...."

Let's not sing songs of selfishness, but of inspiration. Not judgment, but wholeness. Not fear and doubt, but peace and love. 

Remember to always go where the love is!
<![CDATA["To Believe Or Not To Believe?"]]>Sun, 11 Feb 2018 06:30:12 GMThttp://susanfoxley.com/life-blogs/to-believe-or-not-to-believe
Do you think you are too old to meet someone? Do you believe you are too broke or too stupid to go back to school? Do you feel you will never recover from your diagnosis? Well, you're right!

If you think you will or you think you won't,  you are right.

I invite you to put pen to paper and cathartically write down ALL of your limiting beliefs. 

Then after you write down those limiting beliefs cross them out with a red marker and write down the opposite of those beliefs in your favorite color (hopefully not red)! 

Now you have a template for your affirmations! 

Remember, what we REPEAT or IMAGINE through our thoughts and feelings will come to fruition. 

Redundantly, go over and over and over with your positive thoughts NOW! Imagine you have the love, degree, career or healing. 

Feel it! Believe it! Know it! Speak it! Think it! 

If you find yourself going back to those limiting beliefs, erase and replace! 

You can do this!

As hypnotherapist Marisa Peer says,"You make your beliefs and then your beliefs make you!"

Thank you for reading and believing and sharing! And remember to always, always, always go where the love is  -Susan

<![CDATA["Get Out Of Your Psych Ward"]]>Wed, 31 Jan 2018 07:03:00 GMThttp://susanfoxley.com/life-blogs/get-out-of-your-psych-ward
Did you know in some spiritual circles poverty is considered a mental illness? Pretty radical right? 

So I decided to google mental illness and this is what I found on dictionary.com,"any of various disorders in which a person's thoughts, emotions, or behavior are so abnormal as to cause suffering to himself, herself, or other people."

Many of us could be considered mentally ill because of our self inflicted suffering by our own habitual negative thoughts and emotions around not getting what we want or losing what we have. Even some that have riches, compared to others, still think and feel poor, inside and out. 

Funny thing is most of us have abundant lives if we are reading these words on a device. But instead we tend to focus on what's missing.

Wallace Wattles the classic prosperity author of the early 1900's wrote,"Many people who order their lives rightly in all other ways are kept in poverty by their lack of gratitude."

There is no lack in our Universe, especially if we focus on the things we are grateful for. Tap in and tune in to the plethora of abundance everywhere now!

The time is now to take your daily dose of gratitude, so you can get out of your own psych ward of poverty consciousness today!

Thank you for reading and sharing! Remember to always, always, always go where the love is!

<![CDATA["If Not Now, When?]]>Mon, 15 Jan 2018 07:02:40 GMThttp://susanfoxley.com/life-blogs/if-not-now-when
Have you ever been hit by a thought or feeling so profound, that it just stops you and sticks with you? Well, there I was, just being in the moment, when it hit me: How many times had I used this same simple phrase, "I WILL BE HAPPY WHEN..." 

I do it all the time. I say I'll be happy WHEN my son gets that awesome job, or WHEN he gets a haircut, or WHEN I finish my next book.  

My friends tell me they "WILL BE HAPPY WHEN" they get a big part in that movie, the big house or get married.

I have clients who say they "WILL BE HAPPY WHEN" this or that or the other thing happens. 

And it's all just one big fat lie...

It's not about WHEN at all. When we dwell in lower emotions like fear, worry, doubt and comparison, we are just stepping on the hose of the good we want and wish for ourselves. The key is to be happy FIRST, then all the health, abundance and romance will come flowing in.

Let me say it again. It's not about WHEN. It's about NOW. 

When you begin with gratitude, your happiness will never be contingent on people or things or circumstances. 

You'll never be happy WHEN if you're not happy now. 

It's not about WHEN and never has been. The time for your happiness is NOW.

Thank you for reading and sharing! And remember always, always, always go where the love is! Namaste.
<![CDATA["Your Bulletproof Vest"]]>Tue, 26 Dec 2017 23:05:52 GMThttp://susanfoxley.com/life-blogs/your-bulletproof-vest

Who doesn't need a bulletproof vest for protection from a personal health crisis, financial demise or even romantic collapse?

There is scientific proof that altruistic prayer for the wellness and wholeness of ANOTHER actually does YOU more good than the person receiving the prayer.

It is true the receiver of prayer does improve significantly. And the person doing the sending has "off the charts" success within his or her own life, according to author and researcher Lynne McTaggart. 

The GOOD you're intending rebounds back to you creating a mirror effect.

From my own personal desperation and experience, I spent two decades getting up early in the morning to visualize wellness for my son, family members, friends and the planet. During my dark night of the soul period I was taught this method and I found it was a natural antidepressant.

Praying for others may have your chronic depression disappear, relationships with family and friends improve and the career that was stuck for decades become unstuck. 

The scientific reason for all this magic is that intending good for others affects the Vagus nerve, which in turn creates the feel good chemical called oxytocin. The brain also has coherence similar to monks who've chanted for years! To learn more read Lynne McTaggart's book "The Power of Eight."

Get your bulletproof vest today when you get off of your OWN problems and focus on sending good intentions to someone else!

Learn how to pray with intention at Susan Foxley's monthly workshops or buy her Ebook today on Amazon.com. Thank you for reading and sharing!
<![CDATA["You Have The Winning Ticket"]]>Wed, 13 Dec 2017 20:30:09 GMThttp://susanfoxley.com/life-blogs/you-have-the-winning-ticket
 If you ask a 100 people what their purpose in life is, 98 of them would not be able to answer the question, according to the classic self-help book, "Think and Grow Rich."

Even if you don't have a lot of spare time, or lack a formal education, if you have a burning desire to carry out your purpose with persistence, you will thrive, according to author Napoleon Hill. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Purpose backed by passion.
  2. Plan backed by constant action.
  3. A mind closed from criticism from family, friends and the public at large.
  4. A friend or group to assist you in following through with your purpose and plan.

Once you get past the challenging part of defining your purpose, the next biggest obstacle is refusing to let naysayers criticize your plans. Make sure to not let these curmudgeons seep into your subconscious mind, stamping out all hope of creating your future.

If you continue with these four steps you will have an action plan in which you will see doors open, opportunities knock and fears melt away. 

Write your own ticket for your future today by putting pen to paper with your purpose and plan and get going. Action is the best remedy for anxiety and a key to success. 

The time is now for YOU to create your OWN luck and opportunity, as opposed to praying to win the lottery some day. 

Become one of the two out of 100 by defining your purpose and create your own lottery ticket today.


P. S. If you need help getting there, join me for my next workshop "F*cked Up to Fixed Up" where we actually do these four steps and create our own luck!
<![CDATA["Pressure, Mud & Winds"]]>Mon, 04 Dec 2017 05:51:22 GMThttp://susanfoxley.com/life-blogs/pressure-mud-winds
What if situations were happening in your life "FOR" you rather than "TO" you?

Doesn't it feel so much better to have circumstances happening "FOR" your highest good, rather than "TO" you... making you feel like a victim?

Reframing the negative crap to positive self-talk is a form of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). Its purpose is to release you from the defeating thought patterns like personal blame and shame, which in my opinion is self-abuse.

Be kind with yourself!  

When negative stuff inevitably happens "FOR" you, know diamonds are created under pressure, lotus flowers thrive in mud and oak trees grow in strong winds.

We all learn through duality.
Happiness sprouts out of sorrow. Wealth is often birthed out of poverty. Health can flourish after a dire diagnosis. 

Know, what you are going through is going to create depth, weight and meaning in your life. You will have wisdom, knowledge and experience to sprinkle on all those around you after conquering your own personal battle.

 It all has happened "FOR" you, not "TO" you, so please continue to share your victorious seasoning with the world. Thank you for being YOU!

Thanks for reading and sharing and always, always, always go where the love is. Namaste.

<![CDATA[Loving Your Past?]]>Sun, 19 Nov 2017 06:41:48 GMThttp://susanfoxley.com/life-blogs/loving-your-past
Are you more in love with your past or more in love with your future? 

What do you spend more time talking about in your daily life? If you spend more time in the past, then you will probably attract the same experiences, common feelings and looping thoughts.

Whether your past was terrific or ugly, living in the past can keep us at a standstill and being in a rut is NO fun! I invite you to start to remind yourself everyday who you would like to become.

The choice is up to YOU!

As soon as you wake up in the morning use your imagination to create a new YOU. Think thoughts GREATER than how you might feel. Rise above your habitual feelings and consciously choose actions that light you up and gets you dancing, smiling, laughing and celebrating!

When you walk into the unfamiliar and break those stubborn habits of self-pity or blame, before you know it your world is going to begin to shake up and when it stops shaking it is going to resemble a world that resembles your heart's desire.

Begin today to blueprint a new YOU. Who do you want to become in the future? Write down the vision of YOU in the PRESENT moment as if you have already mastered the new you and rehearse it daily! 

Stop being "in love" with the OLD you. The past is gone and today you can be, do and have whatever your desire. If you can see it in your mind, believe it. Then rehearsal, rehearse, rehearse and remind yourself who you intend to become. 

You will be amazed how becoming a new YOU, you will become. 

Thank you for reading and sharing! And remember always, always, always go where the love is. Namaste.

<![CDATA["An Essential Human Need"]]>Sun, 05 Nov 2017 04:44:00 GMThttp://susanfoxley.com/life-blogs/an-essential-human-need

Did you know feeling SIGNIFICANT is one of the most crucial needs of being a human being according to Dale Carnegie.

As humans we need to feel important, valued and special in some way. If we don't we can act out in both positive and negative ways to get attention. 

We can get significance through our degrees, hairstyle, personality or even sadly through the use of a gun. 

As I ponder humans need for significance, I'm going to choose to be more present with my loved ones, friends, clients and acquaintances.

Here are some tips on how to do that:

1.  Put down your cell phone when you are with family or friends. Especially when out dining.
2.  Acknowledge others unique qualities  that makes them stand outside of the crowd.
3. Voice daily how much you appreciate them,  how much you truly love them and tell them
    you don't take them for granted.
 4. And mean it!

To put the cherry on top of every relationship you can also use zen master Thich Nhat Hanh favorite mantras of deep presence which are:

-"Darling, I am here for you."
-"Darling, I know you are there."

With all this significance talk, I want to tell you how much I appreciate you coming to my website and reading my blogs! I find you deeply valuable in my life because we are kindred spirits in leading a more conscious and loving life! All my love, Susan